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4 definitions by Flagger McCord

It is an exclamation of disbelief characterized by the small quantity of a fiddler's fuck.
I would not give a fiddler's fuck if your tongue came notarized.

Or, I don't give a fiddler's fuck how much proof you say you have.
od uživatele Flagger McCord 01. Únor 2005
27 9
Somebody who is on the receiving end of anal sex.
After Danny porked Tommy, Tommy was a confirmed Wetbutt.
od uživatele Flagger McCord 13. Prosinec 2004
9 4
Homosexual male with a Queenie disposition.
He seemed a bit swishy and that's when it occurred to me that indeed he was a Silly Savage.
od uživatele Flagger McCord 03. Prosinec 2004
8 3
What you are looking through after you have put away a case of beer.
After a night of drinking I had trouble keyboarding because I had my Beer Googles on.
od uživatele Flagger McCord 03. Prosinec 2004
4 20