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34 definitions by Exor

The best piece of fiction ever created by the human mind. It features the Galactic Empire, the ultimate utopian government. Rule through fear of force, countless uniform troops and star fighters, the most powerful star fleet in the history of the universe, the most organized and correct social structure, cruel and arrogant officers, absolute rule of the Emperor, and finally... the darkest, most militaristic anthem ever.... the Imperial March.
Star Wars represents the ultimate story, evil dictator and his innumerable armies vs. rag-tag rebellion. The ultimate tale of good(Jedi/Luke Skywalker) vs. pure evil(Palpatine).
od uživatele Exor 13. Leden 2004
The catch phrase used by every single villain in a Scooby Doo episode.
Some Scooby Doo cast member pulls off the mask of the monster and some random person that appeared in the episode's face is revealed. He then shouts, "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids"
od uživatele Exor 15. Leden 2004
a. Having or showing intellect, especially to a high degree.
b. Given to activities or pursuits that require exercise of the intellect.
I am an intellectual.
od uživatele Exor 24. Listopad 2003
a : one holding complete autocratic control
b : one ruling absolutely and often oppressively
Ivo Robotnik and Emperor Palpatine are examples of dictators.
od uživatele Exor 29. Říjen 2003
The single most powerful and adept force wielder of all time. Also known as Darth Sidious. As Emperor Palpatine, he ruled the Galaxy with an iron fist and murdered countless hundreds of Jedi. His complete and masterful repertoire of abilities includes every force power to date, plus extreme intellectual and tactical talent. Was the ONLY Sith to ever achieve total control of devastating space/time vortexes known as Force Storms. Darth Sidious was the last and final Sith Master, and was considered by many to be the Dark Side of the Force incarnate.
Palpatine is the single most malevolent and successful villain throughout all of fiction.
od uživatele Exor 10. Leden 2005
The single greatest song that could represent a nation!
Thousands of mindless troops march to the Imperial March.
od uživatele Exor 15. Leden 2004
A low-budget 'sequel' to a hit motion picture or some other popular media extravaganza. Its sole purpose is to reap the benefits of cashing in on the aforementioned successful franchise by luring idiots into dishing out their money expecting quality at least on par with the original, only to find out it was a cheap marketing tool.
Disney, under the direction of Michael Eisner and his board of cronies, is especially notorious for their excessive release of cheapquels to many of their classic animated features. It is not uncommon to find almost no trace of the original cast or crew in production of these shoddy money-makers.
od uživatele Exor 23. Únor 2005