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4 definitions by Dreem2Reality

Male doing the splits while having sex.
I tried to McNamer my wife last night and pulled my groin.
od uživatele Dreem2Reality 29. Červenec 2011
4 3
a little boy named Antonio that moves out of his brothers house because he got mad because he forgot to take the garbage out, and his brother grounded him; anyways when he plays his Game Cube he becomes Trontonio
Girl: Hey Antonio, when can we have sex?
Antonio: Not right now bitch, I'm playin my Game Cube. And my name isn't Antonio, it's Trontonio!
od uživatele Dreem2Reality 12. Srpen 2011
1 1
when you think something is right but you're just not sure enough to disagree
Guy 1: Justin Bieber is a homo.
Guy 2: Iknowthatsright
od uživatele Dreem2Reality 12. Srpen 2011
1 3
a toe that is abnormally stunted compared to the rest of the toes
I have 9 regular toes and 1 smorphintoe.
od uživatele Dreem2Reality 12. Srpen 2011
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