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18 definitions by DeAth

the perfect career move for Brittney Spears
od uživatele Death 06. Červenec 2003
3418 769
1). Something gone wrong. Can be used in numerous forms.
ex. Something gart is going on here; D'oh, I just got garted

2). Term used when completely owning something.
ex. Hah, I garted you good.

3) That bigggest fagbank to walk god's green earth
ex. ^o^b has just signed in.
Ha Ha you got GARTED!
od uživatele death 14. Leden 2004
546 66
Sprode, adj. Crazy in a japanese candy raver way.
You like to dance, and take a chance, now throw your undies on the stage, no wait, you're under age, you're super sprode.
od uživatele Death 21. Duben 2004
214 55
Prison...slavery...my life...
self exp
od uživatele death 23. Září 2003
225 167
Stomach ache from eating at McAssflame's, formerly known as McDonald's.

Supersize Me
I got the McStomach ache, the McBrick, The McGas
od uživatele Death 03. Únor 2005
34 9
eating of corpses or carrion
od uživatele Death 22. Srpen 2003
19 5
The act of smoking Purple.
Dude, are you purplin'?
Dude, I'm so, so so so *inhales* SOOO purplin'!
od uživatele Death 21. Únor 2005
12 5