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16 definitions by Chelsey

Wanting, Craving for intensely. Mostly for a person.
Got me Feenin like Jodeci girl, I can't leave you alone.
od uživatele Chelsey 30. Březen 2005
862 117
A break up line used by a chick who just wants dump your ass, but also wants to be nice about it. The sex probably sucks.
"I think we were just better off just friends"

"Jimmy, I want to break up ... but HEY .. we can be friends!!!"
od uživatele Chelsey 14. Leden 2005
242 121
Beyonce says that bootylicious means beautiful,bountiful,and bouncy.
od uživatele Chelsey 30. Září 2003
466 349
A slang term similiar to anyway, anyhow, or anywho.
First guy: "Anywhore, whatcha doing tomorrow?"

Second guy: "Probably gonna chill out."

First guy: "Cool man, cool"

Second guy: "Yeah whatevah!"
od uživatele Chelsey 31. Květen 2004
61 26
Whats up; hows it goin ; hey wanna hook-up later?
Hey wud up girl??
od uživatele chelsey 23. Květen 2003
44 18
fOoled , triicked ..

a shOw by ashtOn kutcher where he fOols celebriities on cam ..
ha ! ii punkd yOoh !
od uživatele Chelsey 01. Duben 2005
39 30
A Honors Economics class that has suddenly turned from teaching the kids about the economy, to teaching the kids how to be pimps.
Mr.Crotty's 4th block class
od uživatele Chelsey 13. Únor 2005
10 4