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Somebody who is a mincher and hangs around gay bars on Hurst St in Birmingham.
They all stand up on the Hotle end, grab each others nuts, and shout VILLA, VILLA , VILLA in a high pitched girly voice.
This sums up the queer boy Villa Fan.
od uživatele Britannic 09. leden 2009
Men and women sometimes eat food that doesn't agree with them. Either because it is too rich, or they have eaten too much. This gives them uncontrollable wind, and ultiamtely a severe dose of the shits', which can cause considerable embarrassment. Dropping your bat literally means you have had something hanging from your drainpipe, which has been festering away and fucking stinks.
Rupert, "I say old chap, did you drop your bat?"

Ciril: "heavens man what do you mean by that terminology,please explain yourself?"

Rupert "Well the fucking stench is unbearble old bean, it appears you have something hanging from your arse."
od uživatele Britannic 25. květen 2009
Discribes a person who has a severe dose of the shits.
Usually after a skinfull of beer and a dodgy curry, the unlucky person will wake up with an arse like the Japanese flag. Just a white patch with a big red dot.
Fuck me Reg, I think i've got the back door trots, I have been shitting like a pony all morning, and my arse is now on fucking fire.
od uživatele Britannic 25. květen 2009
Somebody who is a complete twat. Most 'two bobs' have a stupid ass dog too, then you have a 'two bob nob and a dog.'

Two bobs are usually located in council estates, they have very low IQ's and have no respect for anybody, or anything. There are rubbish Chav's.
"I say, just look at that geezer sitting at the back of the bus, smoking dope and playing that shit music on his Ipod, he is definitely a Two Bob Nob."
od uživatele Britannic 05. květen 2009
Somebody who is a complete twat, usually wears a track suit & is unemployed. Most 'two bob's' have a stupid ass dog too, then you have a 'two bob nob with a dog.' Mostly located in council estate accomdation, these assholes have very low IQ's and little respect for anyone or anything. They are rubbish Chav's.
"Ooh just look at geezer at the back of the bus smoking dope & playing that shite music on his Ipod, he is definately 'A two bob nob.'
od uživatele Britannic 29. leden 2009
A ten pint princess refers to a woman who looks extremely attractive to a bloke in a pub or a club, at 6am in the morning who has had 10 pints of beer. Usually these princesses' are total mingers, and the poor fella will have the shock of his life the next morning, when he wakes up to find some big hairy bird with who weighs in about 200lbs, sitting on his cock.
Did you see Tom last night? he was that pissed he fucked off home with that minger who looks like Trot out of Eastenders, you know the one, the fat ugly fucker....the poor bloke is going to have the shock of his life when he wakes up and see's a ten pint princess sitting on his cock.
od uživatele Britannic 25. květen 2009
A cheesy hampton is usually suffered by teenage blokes. They wake in the morning after dreaming about shagging some tart (or bloke) only to find they have stale sperm trapped around their dicks. Hampton Wick is a suburb in London, it is Cockney ryhming slang for Dick. Hence cheesy Hampton.
I say Roger, do you mind awfully and going to the bathroom and have a 'gentleman's wash. I can smell that Cheesy Hampton of yours, and it is fucking stinking out my house. Oh and please do not use my toothbrush whilst washing your pecker. Last time you were here, I had a mouthful of cheese you rotton bastard.
od uživatele Britannic 24. květen 2009
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