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11 definitions by Brendan aka Benj

adj.- a description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.

n.- an extremist of a belief or a rebel
Did you see Tony Hawk pull off the 900? It was a radical move.
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 05. Červen 2004
474 167
The Heartagram is a symbol meaning Love Metal. It was made by the band H.I.M. or His Infernal Majesty. It is a mix of a pentagram, symbolizing metal music, and a heart, symbolizing love. This logo has nothing to do with Bam Margera, he just likes the band H.I.M. and uses their logo on his clothing and TV show.
Heart (love) + Pentagram (metal) = Heartagram (love metal)
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 21. Listopad 2004
99 60
adj.- extremly new and hip. confidently attractive. Sporting new style
Whoah, look at Brendan with those new shoes and hot throwback. He's looking supafly
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 05. Červen 2004
31 26
n. - Any type of alcoholic beverage. Something that gets you there.
Yo, lets get bent off this erculant, yadidishmean?
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 20. Listopad 2005
2 1
adj.- Sketchy or hard to interpret. Something that cant be trusted or understood.
The directions that guy gave us were Janky, i don't think they'll take us where we wanna go.
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 16. Listopad 2004
17 16
adj.- A description of an object which is in terrible condition or scary to use. It can also describe a place where you feel very uncomforatable due to your forigness.
1. There's no way im riding in Keith's car, its way to ghettosketch. It dies on the freeway and the wheel comes off randomly.

2. Take the next exit this one leads to a ghettosketch part of Oak town
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 05. Červen 2004
2 1
adj.-Chill and secluded. A description of a place away from it all where you are likely not to be seen.
Theres a lot of traffic on 101, lets take the cutty backroad to the show.
od uživatele Brendan aka Benj 16. Listopad 2004
15 18