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41 definitions by Bob the Builder

one who randomly says interesting things on a regular basis
That was odd you jwag. see jagajashut
od uživatele Bob the builder 11. Duben 2003
The point of orgasm, not EVERYONE likes drinking it, and girls can cum, too. XP
Snowballs chance in hell that I'll drink YOUR cum!
od uživatele Bob the Builder 03. Říjen 2003
One of the smartest jedi of the order. In episode three gets killed by Anakin when palpatine/sidous orders anakin to help him.
I think you should find your own -.-
od uživatele bob the builder 17. Prosinec 2004
Your dick. From How High.
"My Bombaclot Johnson don't work, you see?"
od uživatele bob the builder 18. Únor 2005
Someone who is not going to get his name raped on a website.
See Norseman, Rentantilus
od uživatele Bob the Builder 28. Únor 2004
One that works for petco
ovalvasix(s) are creepy
od uživatele bob the builder 10. Leden 2005
Another ravenous beast constantly hiding for the grundle monkey. Favorite hiding place is the grundle and/or gouch. Can be used as a deregatory adjective.
You are such a gouch spider!
od uživatele Bob the Builder 08. Září 2004