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5 definitions by Barb

In the acting profession, to over-act, ham it up
Instead of chewing the scenery as he has in other films, the actor delivered a subtle performance.
od uživatele Barb 30. Červenec 2003
270 40
Another way of saying "blew it" or "messed up".
"You really screwed the pooch on that one dude".
od uživatele Barb 09. Září 2004
218 74
Bex is a FAB person who tries 2 love everyone...she doesnt like arguements but can stick up 4herself!
Bex says: dont mess with me!
od uživatele barb 23. Duben 2004
255 222
homosexual - from rhyming slang (iron hoof/poof)
john is an iron, he is attracted to men
od uživatele barb 02. Listopad 2003
145 121
Japanese. Means a compilation or collection.
Final Fantasy IX is sometimes called a gaiden by its fans because it borrows a lot from older Final Fantasies.
od uživatele Barb 13. Listopad 2004
23 14