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The real hobo pie is a special kind of sandwich. Normally made in the firepit. A cooker with long handles attaches to iron plates (shaped like a small frisbee) on each side, it is attached together at the fire end of the utensil so you can securely close it before putting it in the fire. You place buttered bread in each 1/2 (to cut down on sticking), and between the bread any assortment of food (turkey and cheese, or ragu sauce with cheese and meat). Then close the handles to secure it, and roast it over your campfire. After a few minutes you open it up and pop out your authentic Hobo pie. Very popular in Midwest campsites, especially after late night drinking.
Hey man, are you done with that I need to make my Hobo pie.

Lucky we have two cookers, everyone wants hobo pie.

Bob) Hey what goes in hobo pie?
Fred) A piece of bread on each side, and whatever you want in between.
od uživatele Aquaman004 09. duben 2007
pronounced "Hoeh" like the first three letters of "hoof" not "hoop", with "ness" Hoo-ness.
1) A type of geek, normally male (but not always) who is overly involved in what he is doing.
2) This definition is when "hoehness" is used behind a describing noun-Someone who's knowledge is vast about a certain topic. i.e. "That professor is a Biology hoehness."
3) A kind of loser who's attempts to forward his position always unwittingly backfire, normally in front of an audience, but not neccesarily.
1) The bowler with all the gear on his arm, drying his fingers on the air blower, is a hoehness.
2)That wild Red Wings fan in the stands wearing the goalie mask is a hockey-hoeness.
3)Look at the guy who fell off the curb trying to hail a taxi...what a hoehness!
od uživatele aquaman004 05. duben 2007
A bammer(s) is a sock(s) from the dryer with no match.
Honey our pile of bammers just keeps growing.

Him)My socks look like this because I'm wearing two bammers.
Her) Don't do that, or we'll continue to have bammers in every laundry load.
od uživatele Aquaman004 10. duben 2007
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