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When you totally screw up your car. And there is nothing you can possably do to be able to afford to fix it right away
The Mustang in 2fast 2furious got frickin totaled
od uživatele Amber 01. září 2003
to hook up with somebody
yo you needa nipit up wit da bitch
od uživatele amber 03. září 2004
not your day (noch yo day)
Nick: Fuck, i hella fell on my fae in front of ellie,
Sa,: to bad, it is nacho day
od uživatele Amber 23. červenec 2003
new zealand soda bread.
i absolutely love zoda.
od uživatele amber 16. prosinec 2004
I lieing, cheating, pusillanamous heap of recrement, that lures teenage girls into his perverse world of pedofelia.
I saw the Mighty Joshua lurking around the elemetary school looking for his next victim.
od uživatele Amber 13. listopad 2004
tamera mowry
who is tamera mowrys charater
od uživatele amber 26. březen 2003
A big breasted blonde hoe.
Whoa what a gerwe...
od uživatele amber 31. srpen 2004
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