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what everyone says about a certain band they like. it's stupid because it changes to a different one every month to a year for most people. there is no single "greatest band ever", it's a personal opinion that's not stationary.
joe age 15- HIM is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 16- Nirvana is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 17- Fall Out Boy is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 18- Marilyn Manson is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 19- U2 is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 20- Blink-182 is the greatest band ever!!!
and it goes on and on and on and on and on...........
#retard #stupid #band #changing #rap #rock #punk #indie #music
od uživatele 999666333 01. květen 2007
the insainly rare breed of tuba players. they're actually female, or at least appear to be. some pick the tuba for the attention, some (like me) choose it because it's fun to play and also to sneak up behind people with it and blast it on their head. these brave (or not so much) tuba players have to lug big ass tubas everywhere (damn you flute players), and in colder climates, deal with the mouthpiece being frozen to their mouths when playing, which goes for other instruments like the trumpet and such, but with the tuba it's more obvious. can also be used as an insult for a chick that farts a lot.
i'm a chick that plays the tuba, therefore my nickname is tuba girl. *sigh* in other news.....
#tuba #band geek #marching band #flute #baritone #euphonium #chick #girl
od uživatele 999666333 16. červenec 2007
"leave it the hell alone" commonly used in body modification aftercare (i.e.-piercings, tattoos, ext) in concept that if you're healthy and keep the area clean that it'll heal on its own without the sea-salt soaks and antiseptics and turning the jewlery to keep it from sticking. also excludes picking at it, constantly touching it, changing jewlery, and so on.
dude: "yeah, i just got this new ear piercing, i have to turn it twice daily, clean it 3 times a day with an antiseptic, and soak it in sea salt water every day"
2nd dude: "litha, man, stop shoving all that crap in it"
#piercing #bm #body modification #aftercare #helix #outer conch #lobe #needle
od uživatele 999666333 02. červen 2007
what anyone over 30 calls teenagers (i.e. anyone from 13-18). they say it like it's an insult, like people choose to be that age. normally followed by "did it" "stomped on my flowers" "distroyed my life" "shouldn't be driving" "should die" and so on. also used by teens in the everlasting war between teens, kids, and older adults.
55 year old-"them darned teenagers tore up my garden today"
49 year old-"let's go to country buffet and complain about them darned teenagers all day"
55 year old-"what??!!"
55 year old-"WHAT???!!!"
#hag #old people #old person #teens #teenagers #diss #insult #blame
od uživatele 999666333 30. duben 2007
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