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Squating to urinate after sex but only able to excrete semen.
I had to sit down to pee, and all I could do was cumsquat.
#cum #semen #load #jizz #piss
od uživatele 60 Central 28. únor 2008
Houston, Texas. A well known slang alias for Houston originating in the mid 1990's from an unknown source and widely used by the lower classes, gangbangers, drug traffickers, youths, etc.
Chamillionaire is from H-Town. Patrick Swayze is from H-Town. H-Town is hot as a bitch in August yo!
#houston #texas #gangs #drugs #chevy
od uživatele 60 Central 20. březen 2008
A woman of hispanic origin whose oversized butt is squished into jeans far too small for her excess flab. They are usually accompanied by several screaming children and swing their hips vociferously, as if to attract another mate.
Person 1: "Did you see the butt on that Burrito Mama'"
Person 2: "Yeah, she should lay off the beans, if she farts those pants will rip."
#burrito #mexican #lopez #illegal alien #smelly #illegitimate children
od uživatele 60 Central 20. březen 2008
The mixture of semen and personal lubricant that builds up on the tip of the penis during masturbation
Hey Eve, could you wipe off that jerk smelter?
#masturbate #penis #jerk #meatbeater #circle jerk
od uživatele 60 Central 28. únor 2008
unoccupied long-for-sale homes with "FOR SALE" signs out front and with a desperate owner so obviously gone that even the curtains are gone, or nearly all curtains.
'Well it looks like we have another see-through house down the street, and I guess Joe couldn't make the mortgage after he bought that Mercedes.'
#adjustable rate mortgage #jingle mail #bankrupt #arm #loan #greedy #stupid #dumbass #predatory lender #banking meltdown #jp morgan
od uživatele 60 Central 19. březen 2008
The stratospheric level of enthusiasm lended by crowds in attendance of US Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama. The orgasmic reactions by Women at a political rally hosted by Barack Hussein Obama.
Did you see those Women faint at the mere sight of Obama, it was like an Obama-rama. 'So you votin for Obama-rama or the Manchurian Candidate McCain?'
#election #vote #president #obama #mccain
od uživatele 60 Central 18. březen 2008
The outflux of illegal immigrants back to Mexico because of INS raids, intolerance, and a bad economy.
"Well I guess there must have been a Mexidus because my landscpaping crews didn't show up this week."
#illegal alien #mexico #immigration #border #ins #exodus
od uživatele 60 Central 22. duben 2008
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