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When you touch someone or something with your erect penis and it releases static electricity.
I accidentally gave my spouse the electric hammer and now I can only pleasure them after rubbing my stocking feet against a carpeted floor.
od uživatele Sharkshooter 04. únor 2016
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(adj.) Describes the sensation of realizing that there are too many boys around.
Jess: Why did you run out onto the porch?
Michele: I couldn't take it in there. I was boytrapped.
od uživatele ModernSuccess2000 04. únor 2016
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The rule stating a DOUBLE TEXT is ok AS LONG AS the second text message is sent within 5 seconds of the first.
I double texted Shelly, but it was ok cuz I used the Five Second Rule of Texting.
od uživatele Piledriver10000 29. únor 2016
bře 4
To get down on your knees and suck his cock! Or dick, penis, or whatever.
Get on your knees. bitch!
od uživatele OldRockSongs 20. říjen 2008
bře 3
When you become pregnant from having anal sex the baby is called an "asshole baby"
We didn't have condoms and thought anal would be safer, little Johnny is an asshole baby!
od uživatele BozoRozo 29. únor 2016
bře 2
Stroking another one's ego to make yourself noticed by higher ranks in group email
That guy is email fluffing his way to a promotion
od uživatele fireman78 29. únor 2016
bře 1
Doing nothing.
Not doing anything useful.
This Iryna was just kicking dicks all day long instead of working.
od uživatele Jigurda12 29. únor 2016
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