Lis 26
The exhaustion and sick feeling you get when you have too much sex
Guy 1: Jamie fucked seven times in one day and then threw up.

Guy 2: Sounds like major sex sickness
od uživatele Skeleton Chief 02. Listopad 2015
Lis 25
A hooded soldier is a confident man who takes pride in his foreskin. A hooded solider knows the power and appreciates the function of his intact penis.
She keeps coming back for that hooded soldier.
od uživatele Hooded Solider 02. Listopad 2015
Lis 24
Fuck Outta Here
A shorter way to say Get the fuck outta here
Guess who I saw yesterday?
Your old ex. Calvin!
FOH! Where you see that fool?
od uživatele poopsie88 10. Červen 2012
Lis 23
When you get so high you are spread out and stuck to your bed like a starfish.
"Haley got so high from that Lasagna bowl that she starfished in the car and didn't even make it to Taco Bell" "Gordon is always the first to Starfish"
od uživatele onefortysix 03. Listopad 2015
Lis 22
Ladies that are over 380 and are very confident about their weight.
Did you see those nice plump girls over there at the club?
od uživatele bigladylover123 03. Listopad 2015
Lis 21
Adj/verb: thankfully lucky
Luckfully that cop pulled someone else over
od uživatele Sleeper ninja 05. Listopad 2015
Lis 20
Girl you sext and share sexual pics and conversations with
I sat up with my phone girlfriend all night and now I have blueballs
od uživatele House man2 03. Listopad 2015
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