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a BMW 745
You see my boy kickin it in the new quarter to eight?
od uživatele Big Al 19. Září 2003
A car that passes you on the freeway driving much faster than you (and the speed limit). By pacing this car at a distance, speed traps along your route will catch the other driver instead of you.
"Dude, I picked up a cop cleaner on my way over and got here fast!"
od uživatele robzilla 29. Srpen 2005
a rim and tire making company. mainly known in the south for the white wall tire with the a yellow stripe. also referred as "ridin on mustard and moyonaise"
"...I stay high like a telophone pole
And I roll on vogues and pimp yellow bone hoes Swangas and blades is what we sit on..."-lil' flip
od uživatele x 21. Srpen 2004
a clean looking clear coat on a paint job, making the car appear wet.
Paul Wall- Wood grain all in my range, drippin stains when i switch lanes
od uživatele russell lewis 31. Srpen 2005
Although not promoted by public schools, it is the most popular study technique of high school students, typically used minutes before a test.
Please, please let me pass this test...
od uživatele Channing 02. Leden 2005
President of the United States
Ronald Reagan was the fortieth POTUS.
od uživatele Ludlow 30. Červenec 2005
When one pretends to sleep for any reason, possibly so they don't have to do something, to get attention, or to find out gossip and secrets. Very useful for finding out information you might not be supposed to know.
Penny: No no, it's ok, Andrew's sleeping.
Jenny: Ok.. Well, I really like Andrew's dad, he's really sexy.
Penny: Cool. I think I might have a thing for my Uncle... Probably just a phase!
Jenny: God Penny! Andrew's not really sleeping!
od uživatele Hayley Hogsworth 30. Červenec 2005