Led 13
I dont fucking know anymore
Idfka man
od uživatele Xen ok 10. Leden 2016
Led 10
The akward cuddle between two friends who are not trying to go to far
Man she jus wanna friendship cuddle
od uživatele max bucannan 01. Leden 2016
Led 9
an explosion of bitchiness
when someone/something pushes you so far that you just bitchplode
"Dude... I was just joking and then she just had a massiv bitchplosion"
od uživatele lovin'sanDwich3z 31. Prosinec 2015
Led 8
Finna get crunk is when someone asks you if are ready to turn up/party or get lit.
Person 1: "You guys finna get crunk?!
Person 2: " hell yea finna get crunk! ✌🏽️"
od uživatele Kay Nava 01. Leden 2016
Led 7
Where you are when everything has gone wrong!
Lost the big sale, and now we're up shit street!
od uživatele mahatmacoat99 02. Leden 2016
Led 6
Manly tits or saggy man boobs
That fat guy over there has some beefy tits
od uživatele dickslapyou2015 01. Leden 2016
Led 5
(noun): a state of mind carrying a degree of similarity to mindfuck; when one is so incredibly overwhelmed by positive emotion and/or refusal to believe in the concurrent situation that the only words traversing both their brain and mouth are 'wow' and 'fuck'.
He was unable to speak for the sheer amount of wowfuck clouding his brain as he found her in his arms.
od uživatele DélicateDevotchka 02. Leden 2016
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