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Adj/verb: thankfully lucky
Luckfully that cop pulled someone else over
od uživatele Sleeper ninja 05. Listopad 2015
Lis 20
Girl you sext and share sexual pics and conversations with
I sat up with my phone girlfriend all night and now I have blueballs
od uživatele House man2 03. Listopad 2015
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When someone is wearing headphones and is completely unresponsive to the outside world. Headphone zombies often travel in packs, but rarely communicate or associate with one another. It is not yet determined whether they feed on brains or popular music, or both.
I drove through the University and nearly hit a pack of J-walking headphone zombies
od uživatele King_of_Tots 03. Listopad 2015
Lis 18
Going bra less
"She said she was wearing Gods Bra and then I saw her nipples"

1st guy: " Those girls are having a Gods Bra party"
2nd guy: "Let's crash it!"
od uživatele AlmightyLee 03. Listopad 2015
Lis 17
The person you're compelled to fuck, even though they're not the hottest/sexiest/smartest or clever or remotely appealing to most people.
The guy is a pig. He's stupid and repulsive. I can't keep my hands off him. I don't know why I want him. He is my shamefuck.
od uživatele Fifi Forgetmenott 24. Duben 2009
Lis 16
Sorry For The Mass Email
SFTME everybody,

Has anyone seen my red stapler? I left it somewhere in the office last Saturday.

od uživatele anonymous01020304054 08. Listopad 2013
Lis 15
A more discrete, faster way of saying "Straight For the Cock"
Paige: Sarah, Did you go SFTC?
Sarah: You know it!
od uživatele MegWicky 31. Leden 2011
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