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A person who holds a significant amount of money tied up in Gift Cards, Store Credit, Groupons and other forms of vouchers.
Financial Advisor: Do you know your networth?
Gift Card Millionaire: Do you include Gift Cards? Because that would significantly affect the day I can retire.
od uživatele Gift Card Millionaire 30. listopad 2012
srp 29
your baby daddy
I am like totally going to be Haile's ybd
od uživatele isaac7 01. červen 2016
srp 28
The act of pulling your dick out of your pants as a sign of respect for our nigga Harambe
Show some respect you insensitive fuck; dicks out for Harambe.
od uživatele Poopdollarmillionaire 20. červenec 2016
srp 27
a spin-off of the word hardcore, used, when referring to Pornography, to refer to a movie that was made with a Shakespearean play as the original plot.
Dude, I just saw my first bardcore movie, "A Midsummer's Night Cream!"
od uživatele Chrissy-D 18. říjen 2006
srp 26
ripped or "holy" jeans. They're so holy, they're jesus jeans!
od uživatele nikkiandmorganarecool. 01. červen 2010
srp 25
To be humiliated in front of ones family.
Its not a good feeling to be familiated.
od uživatele jpg3 07. prosinec 2011
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