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when someone disrespects your manhood.
chick: you can't even pay for dinner or kill a spider, what's wrong with you
guy: damn quit steppin on my dick!
od uživatele Passing 16. Červenec 2014
337 98
Basically another way of saying that you gettin PAPER.
Omg ever since I got this job my purse has been heavy from all these oprah dollars!
od uživatele kevintbh 20. Červenec 2014
1418 1434
The female equivalent of a Guncle.
My Lesbiauntie Judy is awesome!
od uživatele GuncleJim 19. Červenec 2014
2165 2045
Flintstone feet is someone with feet that can walk on anything barefoot . Fred Flintstone didn't wear shoes and could walk,run on grass,dirt,concrete etc .
You see a girl walking down the road ,holding her shoes in her hand and feet are all dusty and dark. She has Flintstone feet
od uživatele ILove Chaneland Prada 18. Červenec 2014
3811 2717
Whappened is a slang word used for saying "What happened?"
"Oh my God, whappened?!"
od uživatele ttay 18. Červenec 2014
3937 3627
Any time you reach for a smartphone to find an answer or solution on the internet in a time of crisis.
Dad had a mobile moment when he forgot how to tie his bowtie last week, but luckily YouTube came through for him.
od uživatele diGi_Digi_GuRu 15. Červenec 2014
4640 3989
To feel massively ashamed of past actions that you have personally done so that the suffered embarrassment tricks your body that you're about to have a heart attack. It is followed by episodes of further awkwardness and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day.
I looked at my yearbook today

And are you feeling nostalgic?

Not all dude.. the way I used to dress and my haircut were so awful it gave me a cringe attack
od uživatele flotrslv 16. Červenec 2014
4728 3679