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What Obama calls his broccoli
Thanks Michelle for making me some Broc Obama and Cheese
od uživatele Shshsjjsnsnsnzn 28. Červenec 2015
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(n.)Cash money, dollar bills, dough, moolah, bread.
That kid just asked me to help him with some presidential flashcards
od uživatele Nikedunks6.0 15. Prosinec 2009
Srp 1
Men who go about their day with a shirt on, but no pants or underwear.

"Cocking" can be used with other terms. Example: Cowl Cocking, when a man wears only a super heros cowl, much like Batmans cowl, but no pants or underwear.
Look at that dude, he's totally shirt cocking.
od uživatele -Cylon- 13. Září 2006
Čvc 31
a party, held in honor of an ill individual expected to die soon, often a family member
My mother in law has lung cancer so we held a pre-wake with all her family members from around the country.
od uživatele timmy t 29. Červenec 2015
Čvc 30
Fear of being away from a mobile phone.
That guy has serious nomophobia.
od uživatele S. Dawg 31. Březen 2008
Čvc 28
Verb: The act of last minute screaming planning action that does not divert panic
she began planicking as the blue line edged across her pregnancy test.
od uživatele bathroomsocrates 23. Červenec 2015
Čvc 27
Blazin' it in the daytime.
Hey bro, wanna roll a fat one and get day hazed?
od uživatele FOG 23. Červenec 2015

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